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Potential Launch Sites in Sydney >200m

For any future record attempts we make with the water rocket car, we will really need flat, clean asphalt that is at least 200m or greater in distance. Our current longest launch site is 170m long before hitting the concrete gutters at each end.

We decided to use Google Earth to scan the industrial areas of  Sydney and the Central Coast (100km North of Sydney) to see if we could find suitable launch sites. We  then used Google Street View to see if the sites were somewhat level. After an hour of searching we identified 11 sites that seemed suitable.  All of these wonderful tools are free from Google.

Here is a link to the 11 potential sites shown in Google Maps

We have started to visit each of the sites to have a look ourselves to see if they are good candidate sites for the water rocket car launches

Potential 1 – Road is very flat along the course,  a tiny bit down hill at the southern end.  There are some parked truck trailers which may be a hazard, road is 15 m wide. Not a dead end, the road to the west at the end was fairly empty – Length 315m  – Good Candidate

Potential Site 1 - Huntingwood, NSW- 315m usable

Potential 2 -The road sloped downhill to the north down towards the main road. Road is clean, no rocks  and mostly flat. Linfox Distribution Warehouse is at the end  (southern)  may be busy on Sundays as these guys tend to run around the clock with large trucks. Not a dead end, no bubble at the end road is  15 m wide – 272m long – Poor Candidate

Potential 3 – Large slope on this road from the middle to the northern end , not suitable for water rocket car  – Poor Candidate

Potential 4 – Site is generally uphill to the south and lots of rocks and potholes, cracks in asphalt – Poor Candidate

Potential 5 – This is the Western Sydney International Dragway staging area. There is no public access unless events are on in which case there are too many people there  – Poor Candidate

Potential 6 – all uphill no good – Poor Candidate

Potential 7 – Nice flat asphalt road along the course, new asphalt, clean no rocks or potholes, 16 m wide – 230m usable,  might be busy as there are many warehouses,  all of the road is usable, big bubble at one end, dead end road – Good Candidate

Potential 7 - Horsley Park, NSW- 230m usable

Potential 8 – The southern end of this road is not usable due to a slope down to a roundabout, the middle and northern section are usable, road is  fairly clean, is a dead end on the northern end –  16 m wide with 440m usable – Good Candidate

Potential 8 - Prestons, NSW- 440m usable

Potential 9 – 14m wide, 310m usable with  a few small bumps and slightly uphill away from the bubble . Dead end road, Bubble is quite large, road is smooth and clean. – Good Candidate

Potential 9 - Liverpool, NSW - 310m usable

Potential 10 –
Not visited yet 500m long, looks uphill a little from Google Street View

Potential 11 – This site uses pavers or paver type etching in the concrete road,  either way the lines in the concrete between them make it an unusable road. – Poor Candidate

That gives us 4 out of the 9 sites we have visited as good candidate sites. WE would probably have to launch early sunday mornings at these sites, but it does give us backup options if one or more are not suitable that day.

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