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Water Rocket Project on Hold for now

The last 6 months have really flown by and with a house move in the mix there hasnt been much time for water rockets. We have decided for now to put the water rocket projects on hold.

We dont think we are finished with this hobby as there are still plenty of things to do but we have an exciting new science project to take on this year after 4 years of water rockets. We are going to step up the altitude quite a bit, well a lot in fact, we are going to work on a High Altitude Balloon project.

We are hoping for some similar pics to this one from our project

We are doing our background homework now and as usual will publish our work on a blog website which will start to get some content soon

We will of course keep this water rocket website online as there is lots of good information there for anyone else considering the hobby. We are till happy to answer water rocket questions if you have them.

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