Water Rocket Car MkX – Stability Update

Its been a while since we have done any work on the water rocket car. We have put some thought towards a new design but also how the new concepts could adopted to the existing car. The Easter break gave us a chance to actually make some of these changes to the car.

The main changes are
- outrigger rear wheels
– rear wheels rear of the nozzle
– larger rear wing

The larger rear wing was necessary as the ejecting water spray would have hit the uprights of the current wing. The first two modifications are the ones we want to test out. These changes are designed to make the car more stable directly after launch and help it track straighter. We found under the highest thrust at launch we were constantly trying to catch the car with steering input as it usually didnt launch in a straight line.

To add these changes to the existing car and still keep the 3 bottles, required an extension be added to the rear of the car. A separate section was cut out and glued + screwed to the rear of the car. Also some of the existing rear end was removed to just reduce weight (this was later put back on just cause it looks cool).

New Rear Section + Wheel Mounts

The centre section of the new addition was removed to save weight as it wasn’t needed structurally. The existing wing was disassembled and a new centre section made up and reassembled. The wing is 50% wider than the previous wing. The wing uprights are screwed into place in the photo below.

Rear Wing Uprights

The wing itself was then screwed into position and set on the middle downforce position. The wheels have been put on and bottles sat in position  (the bottles are not all strapped down in the photos below).

Longer Bodied MkX

Longer Bodies MkX - Front

Note the size of the area under the wing for the spray to get out without hitting the rear components of the car. This car is quite long now, measuring in at 1.35m

We hope to be able to give this a test run next weekend.


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2 Responses to “Water Rocket Car MkX – Stability Update”

  1. George Says:

    Hi Todd,

    Great to see you back on the water rocket car project. The new rear wing look great. I’m looking forward to more test drives.

    – George

  2. todd Says:

    thanks for dropping by George, I always appreciate your comments. :)