How to Make a Robinson Coupling

I have found a supplier of threaded lamp rods, washers and nuts that fits the bottle caps perfectly. If you are in Australia then Beal Pritchett Pty. Ltd. in St Leonards is the place to go :)

I wanted to make sure the parts all fit correctly so I put one set together, it made sense to make a video so it may be of some assistance to others trying to join bottles.

Parts used are

– 1 x 30mm x 10mm OD. threaded lamp rod
– 2 x 14mm OD nuts
– 2 x 18mm metal flat washers
– 1 x bicycle inner tube for 3 rubber gaskets
– 2 bottles – 1.25L in this case
– 1 bottle cap – standard 28mm bottle cap
– Threadlock – (optional)

Tools used
– 2 socket wrenches
– 2 x 14mm sockets
– 1 x shorts socket extension
– 2 x long socket extension
– Metal coat hanger
– Electric Drill
– 3mm & 10mm drill bits
– 10cent coin (22mm diameter)
– Sizzors

The video is below, expert camerawork by Mark :)

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2 Responses to “How to Make a Robinson Coupling”

  1. Adam Says:

    G’day Todd…

    I have with complete futility tried to find Beal Prichard on the net or in Australia that may be associated with ‘Lamp Rods’.
    After some sluething, I discovered your typo, it is in fact Beal Pritchett Pty. Ltd.
    Just rying to help out and thanks for your website!
    Happy Rocketting!

  2. todd Says:

    Hey Adam .. good pickup .. thanks for that .. I will update the post :)