High Pressure Air Hose

We have taken delivery of a new 15m high pressure air hose. This hose is made by  Nylex and is called a Super ULTRAFLEX air/water hose. It has an internal diameter of 10mm, external of 16.6mm,  is kink resistant, has a working pressure of 20bar (290psi) and a burst pressure of 80bar (1160psi).

Nylex Super Ultraflex Air Hose

Working pressure 2Mps (290psi)

The connectors used are from the Nitto Hi-Cupla 200 series and are a once touch quick disconnect type. They are very solid and swivel freely.

Nitto HI-CUPLA 200 Male and Female quick disconnect

Fittings connected

We have a second hose being delivered shortly. These will be used for all hoses between the compressor and launcher.

These hoses we purchased for as little as $25 each with the fittings., which is excellent value considering one of the female fittings sells for around $30 each.


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