Horizontal & Vertical Launcher Upgrade

Since we have been concentrating on water rocket cars for the last 6 months, our vertical water rockets have been collecting dust in the garage. So this weekend we have upgraded to launcher so it can be used for horizontal as well as vertical water rockets. This way we can launch the water rocket car as well as our vertical water rockets on the same launch day.

To achieve this we have  added an extra splash guard on two hinges which are fixed in the horizontal position by 2 bolts. We will replace the nuts with wingnuts to allow easier removal.

Extra Splash Guard on hinges

The extra splash guard has a slot cut out for the launch string to feed through in horizontal launch mode.

Splash Guard slot

Here is the launcher in the horizontal launch mode with its height adjustable gardena quick connect.

Launcher in Horizontal launch Mode

A support rod was cut and bored through the centre to allow a bolt to fit in it. A correct sized nut was then countersunk and apoxied into the top of the support rod.

Support Rod with nut embeded

The support rod clips onto the launcher when not in use

Support Rod stored while not in use

When the two botls are undone from the bottom of the launcher and the splash guard is moved to the vertical position, the support rod fits into a 22mm countersunk hole in the underside of the splash guard. A screw then holds it solidly in place. Here is the launcher in vertical launch mode.

Launcher in Vertical Launch Mode

The launch string is moved to  accommodate the vertical launch through a 90 degree bend.

Launch string moved for vertical launch

It takes only a couple of minutes to swap from one launch mode to the other. The 20Litre water container is used in both modes and keeps the launcher firmly in place.

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