Launch Day Damage & Onboard Camera

We are not used to crashing on our launch days anymore, so we were a bit surprised to see the R/C not responding during some testing after the last launch day. The heavier crash was on the front wheels, so we were hoping it wasn’t the servo that was damaged.

Fortunately after some testing with the multimeter we found one of the wires on the pole of the power switch had snapped off under its insulation and wasnt making contact. Also one of the hinge mounts for the electronic bay support had broken away from its mount when we took it apart to find the wiring problem.

Wire Broken off power switch

A quick resolder fixed the wire back onto the switch pole and a 5min epoxy glue fixed the broken mount. All working again :)

We have been wanting to show some onboard video from the water rocket car for quite a while. We will probably order a MD-80 clone or similar to what George at aircommand has had good results with, but in the meantime we will decided to just use a cheap camera we have floating around. If it gets smashed then no great loss. Only downside is it weights 180grams :(

Camera Mounted facing rearwards

Yes we know its not terribly aerodynamic, but at least its a start in the right direction. The camera is bolted down using its tripod mount and a screw and nut (hidden in the pic). We will improve the camera setup with the next version, to make it lighter and more aerodynamic. This will do for the moment to show some onboard video at our next launch day :)

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