Water Rocket Car MkXI – Launch Day 2

This launch day was to test the mist rocket attachment in a horizontal configuration as well as try out the camera that was mounted to the water rocket car.

Here is the video

Both of the runs went well. The rubber tyres on the back have improved the stability again so this seems the way to go.

The mist attachment worked ok, but there was a lot of water left in the bottles, probably 500ml out of 1.5L. So we will need to improve this. Also filling the second bottle without getting water back in the first or filling the third bottle was difficult, so we will need to find a way to improve that.

The actual distances we achieved were very good. This is primarily due to this being the first successful full run we have done with the lighter chassis. The second run at 120psi could have gone at least another 20m if we had enough road. The 144.5m (458ft) will stand as our current record, for the moment anyway. We did have a bit of wind on the day which may have assisted a little but not significantly

The camera mounted on the car worked well, we did some test runs previously with the camera pointed backwards towards the nozzle but it just got covered in water from the launch which made for a pretty uneventful video.

We are off to do a water rocket  demo at one of the State High Schools tomorrow, so we are all ready for that. We are keen to share a bit of WRcar  knowledge with the students and see what they can come up with.


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