Water Rocket Car – Demonstration Day

We were very fortunate this month to be invited along to Killara High School here in NSW to give a demonstration of our Water Rocket Car.

Murray Arnison contacted us through the HHWRSA website explaining he would  be  teaching his engineering class about water rocket cars this term and if we would be interested in coming along to do a demo. We were more than happy to oblige :) We organised for Mark to get the morning off school for this special science excursion.

We spent about an hour with the class showing the Green Hornet Water Rocket Car as well as the launcher and pump and how it all worked.

We used 100psi and 1L of water to ensure the car wasn’t travelling too fast across the quadrangle and several volunteers from the class waited on the other side of the quadrangle to stop the car plowing into surrounding  brick walls. Here is the short video of the launches.

A big thanks to Murray and the students, we had a great morning.  Good luck with your water rocket car designs and testing this term !!

Mark did a powerpoint presentation to his class the following week explaining about  water rocket cars and how we had developed it from a 1 bottle car to what it is now. He  even took the Green Hornet  in to show the class. Everyone including his science teacher was very impressed.

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