Increase Chassis Ground Clearance

We realised that the chassis of the car is scraping on the ground more than it was previously. The cable ties that hold the bottles to the chassis show quite a bit of wear due to the scraping. All the scraping is slowing the car down and reducing the distance the car will travel.

The scraping is probably due to a couple of things

  • the chassis being wet repeatedly and becoming more flexible
  • the long span between the front and rear wheels

When the  approx 2kg of water is added the middle of the chassis will touch the ground. We have a design for a lighter and stiffer chassis but decided to just modify this one slightly so we could submit a record attempt before we rebuild a new chassis.

The simplest way we came up with was just raising the rear of the car slightly . We achieved this by flipping over the L brackets that hold on the rear wheels and putting them ontop of the chassis rather than under it. This raised the rear by about 2cm and the lowest point by about 1cm. Here is a pic of the car with the rear raised.

The additional clearance of the chassis is visible in this wide angle shot

As the rear is now higher a section between the rear wheels had to be cutout to allow the launcher hose to connect to the nozzle. Also the screws used to attach the car to the guide rail had to be adjusted to slide correctly in the rail.


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