MD80 Camera

The water rocket community is using these MD80 clone cameras more and more as they are cheap, light and provide good video. We decided to replace our heavy onboard  camera with this camera.

MD80 clone camera

Initial tests showed the video quality was quite good and much better than the cigarette lighter camera we tried. We mounted this camera on our water rocket car for our recent test day. The camera can be seen in this launch picture.

MD80 Camera attached to car

We had an issues that one of the launch videos was overwritten when we got home to download the videos, so on advice from other water rocket users of this camera we will need to download the videos off the camera after every launch.  This means we need to take the laptop and a USB cable to the launches to download the videos.

We decided also to mount the camera further back on the car to get a better chance of seeing markers on the road. Here is where we mounted it on the rear guide rail lug support.

MD80 mounted on the water rocket car

This location gives easy access to the underside where the USB cable attaches, as well as not interfering with the on/off switch and the start/stop button of the camera. We can also charge it on the bench in the garage of we need to with a USB cable to a power adapter. Here is the USB cable attached to the car

Camera attached to laptop and downloading video

This  position mounting the camera further back  provides a good view of the water rocket car as well as the ground and the front wheels. This is a shot from the camera mounted in that location.

Video grab from new mounting location

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3 Responses to “MD80 Camera”

  1. Tom Says:

    Can you post a link to where you bought the MD-80 camera?


  2. todd Says:


    I purchased this one off ebay. I first got one from an Australian reseller so I could get it fast and see how it worked. I have since ordered one from Hong Kong as they are probably half the price. The SDHC MicroSD memory card I purchased from Officeworks it is made by SANDisk

    here is the ebay link to the australian one


  3. Research Research Research Says:

    […] vehicles from our previous projects, so we will launch with several cameras. We will utilize our existing MD8o cameras,  we will also use a GoPro Hero2 Camera on board. These cameras are HD and will hopefully provide […]