Distance Marker Improvements

We noticed that the lines we marked with chalk on the asphalt road didnt come out very well on the onboard video from the last launch day. So we have taken 3 additional steps toimprove this for our upcoming record attempt.

1 – We are using plasterboard (gypsum board, gyprock, drywall etc) which is approx 12mm thick (1/2″) to draw the lines, this is about twice as thick as our previous chalk and initial tests show the lines a lot clearer.

2 – We will put coloured markers on the side of the road at each 10m mark (line).  Each 10m mark will get a “RED” marker and each 50m will be a “BLUE” marker.  We will put a “GREEN” marker at the 150′ mark (45.7m) (for the speed record distance)

3 – We are installing a second camera on the car to look sideways with the front wheel in shot to capture the markers on the video as the car passes them.

A big thanks  for some inspired thinking goes to Lisa  and Spaceman Spiff from The Water Rocket Achievement World Record Association for the  coloured marker ideas.

The markers we will be using will be plastic coloured cups / tumblers, another great idea from Spaceman Spiff, which will save space in the transport vehicle getting to the launch site. We have the biggest, brightest ones we could find so that the cups are still visible even if there is a bit of a  crown in the road.

The ones we chose are 12.5cm (5″) high and have a very vibrant colour. They will also take up to 550ml of water so once in place and full of water they wont blow over.

Here is a quick picture of the cups we will be using

Coloured Distance Markers

Here is a comparison to a normal size plastic cup …

Comparison to normal cup ~220ml

With these three improvements in place the video should clearly show the car passing the marks every 10m from which the cars speed can be calculated and the distance can be validated.

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