Rear Exhaust Deflector

One of the things we have noticed after raising the height of the rear of the car to give more ground clearance, is that it looks like some of the exhaust will be hitting the rear wheel supports.

While this may not impact speed or distance greatly, we have added a corrugated plastic deflector at the rear of the car to ensure the exhaust is deflected up and away from the rear wheel supports.

Rear Corrugated Plastic Deflector

The rear deflector is angled up towards the back of the car as can be seen from this picture. Yes the rear wheel attachments are not pretty but they are functional :)

Angled up exhaust deflector

This deflector is only really necessary due to too much  flex in the chassis. This caused us to raise the rear wheels to get the chassis of the ground, that then moved the rear wheel supports into the exhaust plume. So this deflector is a work around, but it will be interesting to see how it performs. It may also give us more downforce over the rear wheels which would improve stability.

The connection to the launcher still fits with the deflector in place and the female Gardena should just flick up over the top of the deflector as the car accelerates away after launch.

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