Weights – Water Rocket Parts

This page shows the individual parts of a water rocket and their corresponding weights. I will add to and update this page over time. This page is available in the Weights Category section under Archives above.

The digital scale I have weighs in increments of 1g up to a maximum of 3000g. I will put the ounces equivalent beside the grams weight in the table.

This information may be useful when determining the weight of your water rocket while using simulators ie: Cliffords Wrocket Simulator

Individual Water Rocket Parts
Part Description Weight
P&N - 1.25L P&N 1.25L Bottle 41 g 1.44 oz
P&N 1.5L P&N 1.50L Bottle 41 g 1.44 oz
P&N Bottle Cap 3 g 0.10 oz
3 rubber Washers 2 g
(0.6 g each)
0.07 oz
(0.02 oz each)
1.9cm section of 8mm (inside diam)
lamp rod + 2 nuts for
“Robinson Coupling”
8 g 0.28 oz
Empty 1.25L Ping Pong Nose Cone
24g 0.84 oz
Finished Parachute 60cm (24″) diameter parachute
+ shock cord
31 g 1.09 oz
25cm (10″) diameter parachute
+ shock cord
12g 0.423 oz
Sponge to fit in the top of the
PPNC nosecone
6 g 0.21 oz
Cap & gardena nozzle 9mm gardena Nozzle + rubber washer 6 g 0.21 oz
finished RFA Removable Fin Assembly (RFA) 31 g 1.09 oz
Nosecone structure v2 +
ejection plate (not shown)
29 g 1.02 oz
Tomy Timer 3 g 0,10 oz
4 Pins in place in uprights Metal pins (pins only) set of 4 2 g
(0.5g each)
0.07 oz
(0.02 oz each)
3M Strapping tape – once around
wrocket (approx 14cm length)
1 g 0.04 oz
Plate to hold Nosecone Structure
in place inside PPNC
8 g 0.28 oz

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