Name:                       H2 – (Happy V2)
Build Date:                8/09/2008
Capacity:                   2.5L – 2 x 1.25L
Nozzle Size:               9mm
Fill Volume:               ~ 700ml
Launch Pressure:       100 psi
Dry Weight:               265 grams
Recovery:                  Nosecone with Tomy timer + 60cm (24″) ripstop nylon parachute
Status:                      ACTIVE (3 flights)

This rocket is a rebuild of H1, new upper pressure bottle and nosecone fitted. It has 2 x 1.25L bottles connected with a robinson coupling, a nosecone with a tomy timer,  60xm (24″) parachute and a removable fin assembly with trapezoid shaped fins.

This is our first piloted rocket

Rocket deployment system was successful on first launch.
Second flight was a deployment failure although minor damage.
Third flight parachute deployed at apogee

Highest Altitude:
Rocket has made 3 flights up to approx 260ft



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4 Responses to “H2”

  1. ishra 123567gre Says:

    why not use a reinfoorcing ring on your coupling

  2. todd Says:

    I could do this, although I haven’t found one yet that will fit inside the throat of the bottle as well as over the lamp rod. To be honest I haven’t tried too hard to find one as it hold fine the way it is at the moment. As I increase pressure I will probably need to do this


  3. ishra 123567gre Says:

    why not make one your self on a lathe

  4. todd Says:

    I dont have a lathe ….. yet ;)