H2 Reassembly and Nosecone testing

The weather is predicted to be fine this weekend so we are looking forward to launch day 7. Our Modular H2 rocket was put back together after the hydrostatic test. We have used the Robinson coupling that didn’t have the slow leak at 125psi so all should be well from the propulsion part of the wrocket.

We made a new launch release flap out of corrugated cardboard. After many tests the old one wasn’t holding its shape well. A new one fixed that. These weighs in at 1 gram.

Here is a pic of H2 put back together.

H2 ready for launch day

H2 ready for launch day

Nosecone Testing and Calibration

As with our last timer we have tested the number of turns on the new tomy timer to find out how many turns equate to what number of seconds. We want to get the deploy near or just before apogee.  The results were

Number of Turns .     Seconds
1.0 3.2s
1.5 4.4s

These timings are fine for H2 up to a 120psi launch which is what we will test up too.

Here is a video of the new nosecone and side deploy in action. The video is 1 turn of the timer, you can see the parachute get kicked out the side. For the video the wrocket is sitting unpressurized on the launcher.


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