Weights – Water Rocket Modules

This page shows modules of our water rockets and their corresponding weights. For individual parts weights refer to this page. I will add to and update this page over time. This page is available in the Weights Category section under Archives Menu.

The digital scale I have weighs in increments of 1g up to a maximum of 3000g. I will put the ounces equivalent beside the grams weight in the table.

This information may be useful when determining the weight of your water rocket while using simulators ie: Cliffords Wrocket Simulator

Module Description Weight
PPNC Nosecone + Main Chute Module PPNC Nosecone v2 + Main Parachute Module
(without chute)
58 g 2.05 oz
Drogue Parachute Module v1 54 g 1.91 oz
Main Parachute Module Main Parachute Module v1 54 g 2.05 oz
finished RFA Removable Fin Assembly (RFA)
Module v1
31 g 1.09 oz
Bigger RFA finished Bigger Removable Fin Assembly (RFA)

Module v2

45 g 1.59 oz
PPNC Dummy Nosecone PPNC Dummy Nosecone 22 g 0.776 oz
Full Size Dummy Nosecone PPNC Full Size Dummy Nosecone 23 g 0.811 oz

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