PPNC Dummy Nosecone Module

One of the downsides to crashing a wrocket with the PPNC Main Parachute module is that the nosecone itself in almost all cases needs to be replaced. This usually means redoing the door and holes for the tomy timer. Whilst this is not overly difficult, on a flight day if we have a crash like this it usually means the end of testing the parachute mechanism as its usually damaged enough not to work.

With this in mind we have come up with the dummy PPNC nosecone module. If on flight day we have a crash most of the damage will be to the dummy nosecone and the thinking is we can just put another dummy PPNC nosecone on and fly with the parachute again. These PPNC Dummy nosecones take literally 5 minutes to make, so we can have a few of them at the ready.

Here is the dummy PPNC nosecone with its bubblewrap padding.

PPNC Dummy Nosecone

PPNC Dummy Nosecone

Its a bit smaller than the normal size PPNC simply because this is what we had left after making the door for the Drogue Chute Module.  We may decide to make it full size in future. Here is a pic next to the PPNC Nosecone module and main chute.

PPNC Dummy Nosecone v's PPNC Nosecone with main chute

As with the other modules it fits snuggly onto the shrunken bottle bottom undernearth, wether this is another module or a pressure bottle. Here is the PPNC Dummy module with the Drogue Chute Module and a shrunken pressure bottle

PPNC Dummy Module + Drogue Chute Module + Shrunken Pressure Bottle

PPNC Dummy Module + Drogue Chute Module + Shrunken Pressure Bottle

We have added this to the module weights page, the PPNC Dummy Module weighs in at 22 grams (0.776 oz)

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