New Hand Pump

After the demise of our foot pump at the last launch day, we needed to get a new one. We decided to look for something that would reliably pressurize to 130-150psi. After looking at 12V compressor options we have initially settled on a hand pump. We took delivery today of a TOPEAK Joe Blow Ace Bike pump.

This pump has 2 pressure chambers and a switch on the top which can be set at 60psi, 120psi or 200psi. In the different configurations it switches between the chambers to allow a lot of volume on the low pressure selector or a small volume but high pressure when choosing the high pressure selector. This should allow us to pressure up to 60psi quickly, then switch to the 120psi selector to get the pressure up from there.

The pump has 2 foot rests, a hand rail, the pressure selector switch, 2 long pressure cylinders, about a 1 m hose (looks like 6mm or 8mm) and a pressure gauge up to 260psi.

Here are some pics of the pump.

TOPEAK Joe Blow Ace Pump

TOPEAK Joe Blow Ace Pump - Side View

Front View

Front View

Pressure Selector Switch

Pressure Selector Switch

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

The unit is surprisingly big, standing at approx 70cm high and when the handle is fully extended goes up to about 1.4m. Here is a pic with the handle extended, you can see both cylinder pumps clearly

Handle Extended

Handle Extended


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9 Responses to “New Hand Pump”

  1. ErvinTW Says:

    Thanks! Nice post.

  2. todd Says:

    welcome, thanks for dropping by Ervin :)

  3. ishira Says:

    where can i get a pump like that

  4. todd Says:

    I got this pump off ebay, but you usually can get them at good bicycle shops. Its actually a pump for a road/racing bicycle

  5. ishra 123567gre Says:


  6. ishra 123567gre Says:

    I bought a pump like that today in a shop called racers

  7. todd Says:

    excellent choice .. let us know how it goes

  8. Michael Fisher Says:

    Hi Todd,

    I am a fellow Australian water rocketeer. I see you use PL Premium which seems to be the glue of choice for water rockets and everyone in the US raves about it. I have never found a source in Australia. How do you get hold of it here?

    thanks and regards…

  9. todd Says:

    HI I believe its available on australia now, contact me on my email todd at hampson dot net dot au and I will see what I can do for you, i have a coupel of tubes of it