Launch Day 11

Launch Day: 11
Date: 16/11/08 Midday
Location: Montview Oval
Rockets: H3,H1a, 1.25L bottle (no fins)

Launch day 11 was really about having a bit of fun, it was really too windy to launch big wrockets but one of my sons schools friends was keen to watch some rockets fly so we headed to our local oval with 2 new wrockets.

H1a was a 1 bottle wrocket with a small RFA and a dummy nosecone, also with some bubble wrap to help protect the nosecone. It had 2 rail buttons.



We also took just a 1.25L bottle to watch it tumble without fins, didnt really bother naming this one.

H3 is our new 3 bottle wrocket, its has the new large RFA as well as 4 rail buttons, a dummy nosecone and the main parachute module. We took it just in case the wind died down, but it spent its time watching the small rocket fly from the comfort of the car :)

H3 - 3 bottles + Large RFA + main chute module

H3 - 3 bottles + Large RFA + main chute module

We started off with just the 1.25L + nozzle and had fun launching at between 60 and 80psi with no water, not surprisingly it didnt go very high. We added water and we got it higher but it was still out of control, it went anywhere.

We got rid of that and put H1a on the launcher with water at 80psi and to the delight of everyone it flew straight and probably to about 50m (150ft) which was fun. We had a few flight between 80 and 100psi all to around the same height, the wind was picking up and was blowing the wrockets off vertical.

We got out the launch rail and attached it and started flying H1a off the rail. It came off fine and went straighter .. although the wind did take it once it got high.

Our companions the guys flying the model planes were at the oval as well, we were making sure we didnt launch when they were overhead but it was fun to think of trying to shoot them down … :)

The boys were keen to launch at higher pressures so we did launch H1a at 120psi. I didnt quite see it in the air as the boys did a quick countdown  … 2 1 go .. everyone was looking straight up to see where it was and then we heard it crash down in the car park about 50m away. I dont know how high it went. The simulator puts it about 250ft, so 200+ wouldn’t be out of the question.

It did get a bit of damage with one of the fins still attached but not perfect. We tried another launch but got major fin flutter and only about 20m. It was still way too windy to launch H3 so we decided to pack up and call it a day.

We didnt get any video, but the kids had fun and we got off about 10 launches.

Things we learned

  • The launch rail works well. The wrocket was coming of with no apparent loss in height and very vertical.
  • It was hard to tell with the wind but there wasnt apparent aero issues with the rail buttons on the wrocket
  • We were happy with the new pump. The switch makes it easy to get the wrocket up to pressure quite quickly with minimum physical effort :)

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