Name:                       H3 – (Happy V3)
Build Date:                14/11/2008
Capacity:                   3.75L – 3 x 1.25L
Nozzle Size:               9mm
Fill Volume:               ~ 1100ml
Launch Pressure:       not launched yet
Dry Weight:               357 grams
Recovery:                  Main Parachute module with with Tomy timer + 60cm (24″) ripstop nylon parachute
Status:                      NOT ACTIVE

This rocket is an extension of the H2 modules. The 3 bottle pressure bottles have been pressure tested to 140pis without leaks. The wrocket also has 4 launch rail buttons. It is fitted with the new large RFA with trapezoid shaped fins.

Not launched yet

Highest Altitude:
Not Launched yet, hoping for approx 350ft


H3 - 3 bottles + Large RFA + main chute module

H3 - 3 bottles + Large RFA + main chute module

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