Webserver update + Twitter !!

I have been doing a few things to the website today, not so much wrocket stuff, but in preparation for a unique water rocket event . more below.

This website runs on a webserver that’s in my garage, its runs WordPress using Apache and MySQL on Linux which is a virtual machine on a VMWare server. I added another 1GB of RAM to the VMWare server tonight to give the web server virtual machine more RAM. In English that all means that the web server performance is better :) which is good.

We get about 100 page views a day when Im not writing posts and 200+ when I do, so this should be good for everyone.

Another thing I have added, which admittedly I have been slow to take up on is twitter. Twitter is basically a way of getting real time updates to people via the web or mobile phone SMS’s. I thought I would trial this technology for the first time in the water rocket community and Tweet (send messages) from a launch day. This way you will be able to get updates in real time as to how its going.

I plan on using my Nokia N95 to send the updates and you can follow along on my website (the sidebar now has the twitter updates) or directly on my twitter page


or if you are a regular twitter user, you can get SMS updates to your mobile phone …

It seem interesting technology and while this is probably just a proof of concept of the technology (in our community anyway), it is interesting none the less. I will give quite a bit of warning before a launch day … but keep a watch on this blog and the twitter feed at the bottom of the sidebar

—> over there …


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3 Responses to “Webserver update + Twitter !!”

  1. George Says:

    Nice one Todd! This will be an interesting experiment. I have my popcorn ready. :D

    Now all you need to do is put the phone on the rocket and have it transmit a tweet worldwide while it is mid flight!

    Will you be posting images as well during the live feed?


    – George

  2. todd Says:

    :) Im not sure yet George, I still need to see what I can do with twitter, it would be good if I can.

  3. todd Says:

    yep this is working .. so I sure will be :)