Launch Day 3

Launch Day: 3
Date: 27/07/08 Afternoon
Location: Berry Oval
Rockets: SRT II

The conditions were a bit windy and rain was forecast but we still managed to get in a few launches and try out a few changes we made.

The launcher had 4 holes drilled in the base and we used 25m metal tent pegs to secure the launcher to the ground. This was to provide better stability at launch and to stop the launcher tilting and the rocket going off at an angle.

We also used some cloth in the nosecone to see if this would provide some better protection on crash down (we havent got a parachute yet)

We got in about 7 launches at pressures from 50psi up to 68 psi. We pushed it up at 2psi increments.

The rain came in and we decide to try at 70psi when the end of the bottle let go again and the rcoket exploded on the launchpad. Again when we are pushign the limits of the bottle we were well back and ensured we were following saftey procedures having the area clear.

No pics of this launch day unfortunately

Things we learned:

  • The new stabillity system for the pad works well. We had quite oly 1 launch that went at an big angle
  • The cloth in the nosecone didnt really give better bounce on landing but did give it more structural stability than an empty nosecone
  • Watch out for ball chasing dogs at the park, they like chasing rockets too !
  • Remember the camera

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