Water Rocket Car MkV

This weekend we got some better testing with the new fins. Here is the video

First Test – 1500ml water and 120psi

This test went well. Pretty straight. The slight veer to the right was a wheel alignment issue as it was slightly off. An unpowered test went to the right as well

Second Test – 1500ml water and 130psi

The wheels were aligned a little better for this test. We hadnt been able to keep the wrocket car straight at 130psi with the 2.25L bottle without the fins. So this would be a good test to see if the fins were making a difference. One of the cable ties that tie the bottles down to the wrocket car base snapped at this pressure. Although this time we took a few extra cable ties to do running repairs between launches. This was one of our best launches yet, straight down the middle and out onto the road …. Seems the fins are working :)

Third Test – 1500ml water and 140psi

This was a test again to see if the extra thrust would spin the wrocket car. You can see it did veer right a little but then continued going straight which is what we wanted. Previous high psi launches where the car has started to veer under high thrust caused a spin. Here the fins arrested this and the rest of the way it went straight.

Forth & Fifth Tests – 600ml water and 120psi (no ton video)

We ran a forth and fifth test with less water, but the nozzle developed a leak. We think it was damaged when it went down the drive and bottomed out hitting the road from the third test run. We tried resetting the seal in the nozzle but it kept leaking at 120psi so we just launched at that pressure. The runs went pretty straight as well and actually had slightly higher peak speeds at 20.7kmph.


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