Water Rocket Car MkVII – Launch Day 2

Here is the video .. more to come


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2 Responses to “Water Rocket Car MkVII – Launch Day 2”

  1. lewis Says:

    maybe try some fins that will produce a down force so when is accelerating it wont slide out like that. it was hard to tell in the video, was the weight of the water centered or at the front…. i guess it would move to the back quickly as accelerates. another idea would to have the front axle being able to swivel and attaching a fin to a pin that would join to the centre of the axle, this would work as an auto correct system for the steering. as the wind will keep the fin pointing straight thus the wheels straight. just a suggestion. i was thinking

  2. todd Says:


    thanks for dropping by the site and for your suggestions. We have made a few modifications since this test and now have a rear wing and remote control (r/c) steering which seems to have stopped the crashing :)