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Flight Computer

Ive had a bit of a break from Water rockets since December, but my other projects are getting to be finished so I can put some time back to water rocketry.

One of the decisions I came to over the break was that I needed to increase my recovery percentages. While I put a lot of work into the tomy timer design it just didn’t give a high percentage of recovery. I calculated I was running around 50 – 60% of a successful recovery. I also deduced that it was the releasing of the elastic band from the timer that was the trouble. I could get it 95% of the time to release while testing it on the ground, but in the air with the force of the air rushing by was a different story. It was hard to test in this scenario. So I ended up loosing a lot of wrockets disappointingly only getting to fly a wrocket once after building one.

I have had my eye on George from Aircommands computer deployment system, and when he had a new batch ready I jumped at the chance to get one. I used trusty paypal that evening and george shipped it the next day.

I got the model with the onboard gravity switch for launch detect

Aircommand Water rocket Flight Computer v1.6 with launch detect

Aircommand Water rocket Flight Computer v1.6 with launch detect

I also had to get some micro servos to use with the computer. There are many available from Hong Kong on Ebay, but I ended up getting 4 from an Australian ebayer for a few dollars more, but had it within 2 days.

The specs of the servos I got are

* Nylon gears
* 3 pole wire
* Weight: 8 grams
* Torque: 1.4kg/cm@ 4.8V and 1.9kg/cm@ 6.0V
* Speed: 0.1 sec / 60o at no load
* Operating Voltage: 3.0V – 7.2 V
* Dimensions: L 23mm x W 12mm x D 26mm
* Universal RX plug

Micro Servos with battery for scale

Micro Servos with battery for scale

I had a little issue with the servo motors running for 2 seconds after the servos had swung its full arc. George was great and gave me advise of which setting to change in order to get this right. ALl is working well now. Here is a video

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