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Optimized Mobile Access for HHWRSA

We have noticed there are a number of users accessing the site via a mobile phone. We also are using the  iphone more and more to do work on the website. So we thought we would optimize the mobile experience for the mobile users.

The website will now detect if a user is  accessing the site from a mobile device and show a new mobile optimsed version of the website to them. All the content is still there, its just easier to access and navigate for mobile users. If you are not using a mobile device you will see the normal website.

Here is what it looks like on an iphone

Main screen at the top showing recent posts

Bottom of the page showing the sidebar

Hopefully this will encourage more users to access the site via mobile devices :)

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Twitter Feed and Panoramic Pictures

We have added a Twitter Feed to the website that is available in the right sidebar. This will allow us to post updates in realtime from launch days. To see our updates you can watch on the website and keep refreshing it, or  follow us directly on Twitter at the address below.!/toddhampson

We have been trying out the Twitter Client on the iphone which is working well.

We have also tried a panoramic photo  app (called autostitch) that stitches multiple pictures together into a single panoramic picture, all on the iphone.

We will be able to send out live updates from our upcoming record attempt as well as pictures as links to the twitter posts.

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WordPress iphone client

For our record attempt we would like to put live updates on
our website. We have been testing the iPhone client for a while but
it has had bugs for self hosted sites like ours. So this update
looks like it is working, as I guess you can read this post :) This
post was written and published all from the iPhone. Pic of me in
the office as a test …. Happy holidays to everyone :)

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HHWRSA WebServer Relocated

Our webserver was relocated today to a new data centre. The move went well with minimal downtime.

The Internet link is about 3 -4 times faster than our previous one so page loading times should be improved :)

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