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New Google Translation Plugin

This is our second attempt at providing the website in multiple languages. We are now using a simple plugin in the right sidebar which will translate the HHWRSA web pages to the language of your choice. Simply use the pulldown menu to choose the language you need.

This plugin doesnt cache the pages in multiple languages on our webserver, just creates the translation as you need it.

Enjoy :)

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Website Back online

The HHWRSA website has been down the last 2 days, but we are back online again. This was caused by engineers at my ISP deciding what they thought was best for me and removing my static IP address and giving me a dynamic one.

Seven (7) calls in eleven (11) hours to the ISP’s customer service failed to convince them that I was indeed entitled to a static address, ended with me no closer to getting back online and a customer service manager not willing to help any further until Monday.

An email at midnight Saturday night to the ISP’s CEO and Managing Director and I had a call Sunday morning when I awoke with my static address restored and apologies for the inconvenience.

Credit where credit is due though to the management of the ISP, they certainly fixed my problem quick smart once it was escalated to them and provided follow up to make sure I was all back online, on a Sunday !

However it shouldnt have needed to get that far in the first place if the customer service reps, engineers, customer service supervisors and customer service managers did what they were supposed to do, listen to their customers and provide good customer service.

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Reducing SPAM with CAPTCHA code

Believe it or not we have been getting a lot of spam comments since we enabled our automatic translation service. Mostly Russian SPAM messages. We have filters that stop them from appearing on the web site but its a pain in the behind having to clean them up daily.

We have implemented a CAPTCHA code to the comments section now. You will need to enter the 4 character code when you submit a comment. This only takes a second to do and will stop all the automated SPAMbots from being able to add SPAM to our website.

Thanks for your support, we do love the comments .. so do keep posting …. just trying to get rid of SPAM

Now back to water rockets …… :) :)

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Language Translation

We get a lot of visitors from around the world to our blog .. you can see this from the World Stats page

So we thought we would try an implement automatic language translation of the pages to common languages. The translation process will take a few days just so we dont get banned from the translation services.

There are a group of small flags on the right hand side, clicking on one of these will convert the displayed page to that language

Hope this makes it a bit easier to access the information in your native language. If there is a particular language you woudl liek added, leave a comment and we will see what we can do :)

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